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Managing Your Safety During Walks In The Woods

There is nothing better than going out and exploring nature.  Over the past several months many of us have been cooped up in our homes unable to get out and enjoy nature.  However, now that things are starting to turn around, we are looking to take more time away from people and explore nature.  With this said, it is important that tick control services portsmouth be implemented so we don’t have any other type of health issues.

tick control services portsmouth

Avoid tall grass

Ticks love to live in tall grass or areas that are really unkempt.  In the forest you will have many of these and they will spring up without warning.  As you travel through the woods you want to avoid tall grass, patches of dense standing water and more.

Check yourself

When you walk through the woods you will want to constantly look at yourself and others that you are walking with.  As you walk through the woods take breaks and check your legs, arms and other exposed areas.  If you see any ticks on you remove them immediately.  When you are done with your walk in the woods go and get a full body check before entering your home. 

Wash your clothes

Before entering your home throw your clothes into a black trash bag and bring them to the wash.  Toss the clothes into the wash and discard the bag outside.  This will kill any ticks or other contaminants that you may have taken home with you from your walk.

When it comes to protecting yourself early detection and prevention are key. 

Watch the time of day

Watch the time of day as well.  If you are out keeping an eye on places in the shade and places that seem untouched.  These are going to be hot spots for ticks.  Stay in the sun when possible and if you go into the shade avoid grassy or areas with damp wood.