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Tips to Prevent Dry Socket After Tooth Extraction

Although a tooth extraction is a simple procedure, there are risks that come along with it, as you’ll find associated with any procedure. One of the biggest threats after a tooth extraction is a dry socket.

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What is a Dry socket?

A dry socket occurs when a blood clot that forms in the gums in the extraction area is dislodged from the socket. This leads to a very painful experience for the sufferer. It also delays the healing process and may lead to an infection.

Simple Ways to Prevent A Dry Socket

Preventing a dry socket isn’t as difficult as you might think. Follow all care instructions provided by the dentist. He knows best and always looks out for the best interest of his patient. You can also keep the following tips in mind to minimize the risks of developing dry socket after tooth extraction.

Avoid Smoking

Smoking is one of the worst things you can do after a tooth extraction. Avoid it at all costs to greatly reduce the risks of a dry socket. An average of 12 percent of smokers develops dry socket after an erection. It pays to kick the habit now.

Monitor Your Diet

Avoid eating hard food after a tooth extraction and for the days following. Hard foods can be painful to eat and may also cause problems in the extraction area. Eat soft foods for three-four days or longer after an extraction.

Maintain Proper Oral Hygiene

Properly take care of your mouth and gums after an extraction. Visit the dentist or oral care every six months. Brush and floss twice per day. Taking care of your teeth ensures a healthy mouth.

Follow the tooth extraction aftercare sun city tips above to prevent the risk of a dry socket. These tips are a few of the many that help make an extraction a little less risky.